The Shitshow: Squid Mark

The Shitshow:

Squid Mark

Saturday 26/11
8:30pm - 10:30pm
17 Esplanade West, Triabunna

Company Photo
Company Photo
Company Photo
Fully embracing bizarrity from the murky depths, the producers of Hobart’s lauded Shitshow are sweeping into Triabunna for tentacle-draped evening of who-knows-what.

Hosted by the Queen of Self-Defecating Humour, Miss Pussay Poppins, The Shitshow is over an hour of nothing but the unexpected. Our stage is home to professional circus performers, shit-stirrers, musical geniuses and both the entirely non-talented and nonsensical (think anything from world-class acrobatics to burping the alphabet).

Our lineup is plucked from across the country and features circus sideshow freak extraordinaire Samora Squid (TAS), juggling legend Olivia Porter (VIC), veteran comedian Chloe Black (TAS), drag king Axl Rod (NSW) and lots of extraordinary, slightly confusing surprises.